Connoisseur's Choice

Varietals with Character

A selection of monofloral Connoisseur Honeys from around the world specially selected by our Honey Sommelier, each for their own unique aroma, palate and finish. From the floral notes of elegant Lavender to the bold oaky notes of Chestnut - there is a honey for everyone. Perfectly pair with cheese, meat, poultry or fish - or even that quintessential cocktail. Our Honey Sommelier has included tasting and pairing notes for you to choose the perfect honey for your requirement.

100%, pure, raw and natural, they have not been ultra-processed or heat treated to high temperatures which is typical of most mass produced supermarket honeys - which destroys all the essential nutrients, quality and flavour of the honey. We never heat our honey above that of the normal temperature of the hive. We believe our customer deserve the best - since 1945.

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